Boating Accidents And Injuries

An investigation after a boating accident may reveal that one or more of the following was liable:

  • The owner of the boat
  • The person operating the boat
  • An entity responsible for a dock
  • A boat repair or upkeep company

Boating accidents are thankfully rare, but when they happen, injuries can be serious. Our Long Beach law firm has represented people who have suffered broken bones, amputations, back injuries, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. We are prepared to work hard while pursuing maximum compensation for you after an accident involving any type of watercraft in or near Long Beach.

Negligent acts may include boating under the influence of alcohol; knowingly operating or allowing operation of a defective watercraft; speeding; exceeding recommended weight on the boat and other mistakes. A detailed investigation should result in clear direction for holding negligent parties responsible.

We Are Here To Help

If you have been injured in an accident on the water in or near Long Beach, contact us at Nguyen Lawyers for a free initial consultation. Learn about our strong work ethic and determination to help our clients recover maximum available compensation to cover:

  • Medical bills, ongoing medical care, occupational and physical therapy, and disability accommodations such as a modified van and a motorized wheelchair (if applicable)
  • Lost wage replacement and compensation for incidental losses experienced by you and your family
  • Pain and suffering, or in the case of a fatality loss of companionship recoverable through a wrongful death claim

Were you injured on a motorboat, sail boat, tour boat or individual watercraft in the Los Angeles River, at the Port of Long Beach the Marina, Mother’s Beach, Shoreline, Queen Mary, or in Alamitos Bay? We are prepared to investigate diligently to determine who should compensate you for your injuries. As experienced California attorneys, our professional satisfaction comes from helping the injured move on with their lives after a serious crash on the water or on land in traffic. Call 562-283-5415 or email us through this website to schedule a consultation.