Injured In A Drunk Driving Accident?

After a crash involving an impaired driver, questions naturally arise:

  • Once a driver is confirmed to have been drunk at the time of the crash, how will this fact affect the injury claim?
  • Might there be an exclusion for coverage of a drunk driving accident on the negligent driver’s insurance policy?
  • If there is a criminal case, will it have an impact on the personal injury claim?
  • Does timing matter, as far as when to file an injury claim?

These and related questions are critically important and require careful investigation. For best results when a driver had allegedly been drinking before a crash, contact an experienced, effective personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Nguyen Lawyers has a strong track record. We have helped many injured Californians recover all the compensation they are eligible for — including those who were occupants of cars struck by vehicles operated by drunk drivers. Request a free case review if any such circumstances were true in your case:

  • If you were injured as a passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver or a distracted driver who was texting at the time of the crash
  • If the driver of another car was determined to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the crash occurred
  • If you were accused of drunk driving after a crash you were involved in

Please Do Not Second-Guess Your Legal Situation — Rather, Contact An Attorney Promptly

Any such situation requires aggressive, detailed legal representation. You may need a criminal defense attorney if you were wrongly accused of driving impaired. We can point the way in that regard at the same time that we begin an investigation to help you pursue compensation for your injuries. At Nguyen Lawyers, we leave no stone unturned in pursuit of just outcomes for our clients. Discuss your case with one of our attorneys in Long Beach. If you are unable to come to our law offices because of your injuries, let us know and we will gladly arrange to meet you where you are. Call 562-283-5415 or send an email inquiry to schedule a free consultation.