Dangerous Streets Or Poor Highway Design And Personal Injury Attorney

Help For Those Injured By Hazardous Roads

Hazardous and dangerous roads cause countless deaths each year in California and across the U.S. The danger of the highway or road can be easily overlooked by law enforcement when they are making a report on the cause of the accident. Often the report will state that the driver was at fault, when actually the accident was caused by unsafe factors on the road or in the road’s construction. These factors may include: lack of shoulder and guardrails, potholes, unsafe road surfaces, sand, objects in the road and poor visibility.For someone who has been injured, the best thing to do is to immediately take photos of the site of the crash.

Some factors to consider, which should trigger a client or an attorney to evaluate a potential dangerous condition of a public property claim, are:

  • Did the accident occur near a construction zone?

  • Did a vehicle travel off the roadway?

  • Did a vehicle cross the center median?

  • Did the driver complain of an unknown loss of control of the vehicle?

  • Did the accident occur at an intersection with three (3) or more lanes of through traffic for any one direction?

  • Was the intersection control by a Protective-Permissive, Left Turn signal?

  • Did the accident occur in a marked crosswalk?

  • Did the vehicle go through a guardrail or became impaled by the guardrail?

  • Was a pedestrian struck in a public parking lot, such as at the DMV?

If the evidence of the hazardous road is lost, it becomes much more difficult to prove in court. The legal team at Nguyen Lawyers has been helping clients provide the proper evidence to courts and obtain compensation for their injuries for many years. Anyone injured by a hazardous highway or road, should speak with a personal injury attorney immediately.

Dangerous Highways Lawyer

Law enforcement and attorneys can overlook a problem with the road design or maintenance. Many accidents involve a single car that veers off the road or collides with an object. The firm may need to do a thorough investigation into the scene of the accident to determine the safety of the road. The following defects in roads and highways have been found to be the cause of serious accidents:

  • Uneven surfaces
  • Humps in the roadway
  • Hazardous curves in the road design
  • Dangerous hills or slopes
  • Gravel and dirt
  • Debris such as oil or chemical spills
  • Poor visibility of road signs
  • Lack of shoulder-recovery area
  • Lack of guardrail

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Contact an attorney to discuss your accident case involving a dangerous street or highway design.

Please see the following cases and results when considering whether to contact us for assistance:

  • Stillman v. State of California ($3.6 million)
  • Brewer v. City of Modesto ($3.5 million)
  • Reyes v. County of Los Angeles ($2.1 million)
  • Allen v. State of California ($700,000)

At Nguyen Lawyers, we have handled all types of cases involving dangerous conditions of public property. These claims are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means if there is no recovery, you owe no fees. We will advance of the necessary costs to prosecute your case.

The firm also welcomes joint ventures or referrals from other attorneys.

Past results do not guarantee or predict the outcome of your case. These cases are presented to illustrate the abilities of the firm in representing clients with claims against governmental entities only. This firm will never make a promise or guarantee about the outcome of your case, because it is impossible to predict the outcome. Anyone who claims otherwise is shooting with a crooked arrow.